Unfortunately, due to now being my father's carer, I can't run these sessions until further notice.  Sorry.  I hope to resume in the future - and will update when I can.

My drop-in, continuing sessions
are an enjoyable way to gain experience, with like-minded people. 

These are usually 1 hour, and just £3 pp. 

I adapt to the experience of those present as necessary.  We usually start with relaxation, to let go of the day and/or things that are causing tension.  Then we might enjoy just Mindfulness or a Guided Visualisation, or a combination of these.  As appropriate, I sometimes add sound including Tibetan Singing Bowl or Tingsha/Dorji Bells, or from recordings.

Occasionally, I run courses over a few weeks; to focus on Crystals, Chakras, Elements or similar.  If you are interested in a specific area then please let me know and I will arrange to run a course. These sessions are usually 1.5 hours and £5 pp including any information I have for you to take away.  For those attending such courses I also have Crystals, Chakra Card sets etc at a discounted price.

Please contact me to register your interest in any such sessions, and also to find out times and venues for current meetings.

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