When I was a teacher in schools I began each lesson with just a few minutes Meditation. 

At first, my peers (and those higher) thought I was wasting valuable lesson time.  However,my pupils quickly learned that they came into my classroom,sat down and - as a class - spent perhaps 5 minutes in quiet Meditation.  At first, I had to guide them through this but they soon learned how to do it on their own.  Many said they used it when stressed or upset, and often at home.  All said they enjoyed the "time-out" and gaining peace and calm, and that they focussed better during the lessons.  Parents noted the change in their children and, often unprompted, gave very positive feedback.  My peers (and those higher) also noticed that once my lessons started I achieved more in the rest of the time than others who had "started" straightaway.


In addition to all the clinically proven benefits (please see under the main Meditation tab) learning to Meditate can help learning and achievement:

  • Meditation improved mental acuity and concentration
  • Meditation enhances perspective
  • Meditation enhances creativity
  • Meditation promotes greater understanding of oneself and others
  • Meditation also helps young people through the emotional turmoil of physically and mentally growing up.


There is no age limit - high or low.  In fact, the younger they learn the more easily children assimilate Meditation into their lives; an essential but very enjoyable part of every day.  It is never too late to learn; all staff can benefit greatly.

I teach the easily-learned methods through initial courses; 6 hours in 30, 45 or 60 minute lessons which can be incorporated into timetables, or as an extracurricular activity.  Staff are welcome to join these or time can again be outside normal curriculum hours or during training days.  If staff learn they are more able to assist pupils in continuing at the start of lessons.

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