A 1 Day Workshop

The word Chakra is derived from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, and means wheel.   If we were able to see the Chakras we would see a rotating wheel of energy, a spinning vortex.

Chakras are the centres of energy/spiritual power in the human body.  Each one is an interface between the energetic and physical bodies.  They balance, store and distribute the life-force energy through our physical body.

This relaxed and very enjoyable 1 Day Workshop will help you to understand your Chakras and be more aware of them.

The day includes:

  • Information about the body's energy system; the Aura and the Chakras
  • Awareness of the energy field
  • Information about each of the main Chakras
  • Raising awareness of each Chakra through colour, mandalas, mudras, sound and vibration, and crystals (meditation/visualisation and practical exercises)

At the end of this day you will have information about the Chakras to keep.

If you would like to have Chakra Cards and/or crystals to continue using them, these will be available at half-price


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