Karuna means "compassionate action"  
Karuna Reiki® is also known as 
the Reiki of Compassion

Karuna Reiki®* is learned after all the levels of Usui Reiki.  It is used with Usui Reiki but has many more "tools" to enhance healing on every level of mind, body and spirit
Karuna Reiki® enhances Usui Reiki treatments
 and is also able to heal more problems

It uses a more powerful, higher-frequency energy

that has deeper effects

Karuna Reiki can particularly help:

  • Very deep, physical or mental-emotional problems
  • Problems from self-abuse or inflicted abuse
  • Break delusions and denial, and negative patterns of thought and behaviour
  • Release fear and self-sabotage to enable progress
  • Problems with self-image, self-worth and confidence
  • Release subconscious fear manifesting in nightmares
  • To empower goals and moving forward to achieve them
  • Any relationship problems
  • Facilitate creativity and learning with enjoyment and passion
  • Release the past to enable moving forward freely 

Note: All Karuna Reiki® Masters are registered with the International Center for Reiki Training, USA

Also, as with Usui Reiki,  Karuna Reiki® does not interfere with any other form of medicine or treatment.  It is well-known to support and enhance any other help you might be receiving.


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