Life happens ......

...... and sometimes it leaves

more than footsteps in the sand. 
 Expression of feelings through Creative Writing
helps to release things we don't need to carry with us,
to lift the burden and power of negative emotions
to help us move forwards freely and happily. 
Bring peace and a different perspective into your life. 
Start your journey into a more positve future. 
Please note
that you don't have to be a "writer"
to enjoy and benefit from this day;
everyone can do this. 
Come and enjoy a day of discovery and change!
For this Workshop
my background as a teacher
of English and Creative Writing,
and a healer,
is very helpful.
Also, I am joined by Kathryn Colling,
who brings her invaluable insight
and skills as a highly qualified Counsellor
along with her healing abilities.



Copyright Wendy Gaston, Healing Choices ©2012